Master Plan Committee

Vision of the Future

The overall goal of the town, it’s “vision of the future,” is balanced, moderate growth to strengthen the downtown and increase the economic base, while maintaining the rural character of the town. Critical to the implementation of this vision is both commitment and sufficient funding to enact the recommendations of the plan. Sufficient funding is necessary to meeting this vision, and wherever possible outside grants should be pursued to supplement the town’s budget.

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a document that provides a sense of direction for the future by translating a community’s wishes with regard to growth, development and land use into specific objectives, standards and recommendations for action. The recommendations contained in a master plan are applied to public as well as private endeavors.

A master plan assesses current and future needs of the town by examining all those factors that are impacted by growth and development (transportation, housing, schools, community services and facilities, recreation, natural and historic resources, land use and economic development) and making specific recommendations for each.

Board Members

Name Title
Carl Anderson Planning Board Representative