Conservation Commission

The Pittsfield Conservation Commission is responsible for and promotes conservation of Pittsfield’s natural resources, helps to protect our valuable watershed resources, supports conservation and preservation of our town’s natural areas, and strives to promote environmental stewardship and public understanding through education of sustainable, environmentally-sound land use practices in Pittsfield.

For more information about Wild Goose Pond, please read the Wild Goose Pond Final

For more information about Land Conservation and Conservation Easements, please visit: Society For The Protection of NH Forest.

For more information on land use topics related to Wetlands and Shoreland, please view the NH Department of Environmental Service links below:

Your land development project may require a state permit from the NH Department of Environmental Services and beyond any local permits needed, and beyond those DES water-related permits. For projects that do not require a permit, there may be standards you must follow during construction. Contact DES for more information. A five-minute phone call could save you time and money! Here is a quick check guide to help you.

Board Members

Name Title
Chris Hill Chair
Bryan Mika Vice Chair
Don Hackett Member
Diedra Bejamin Alternate