B.C.E.P. Solid Waste Facility News

Hours of operation:
Tuesday – Saturday 8:00AM – 4:00PM
Scales close at 3:45PM
Closed Sundays and Mondays
Effective March 15, 2018 B.C.E.P. does not accept brush or leaf & yard waste.

Effective July 1, 2018 demolition and mixed trash charges: ten cents per pound – $200.00 per ton.


New guidelines for separation and contamination of recyclables.  All items; bottles, cans, paper and cardboard must be free of food residue, liquids and grease.  Think Clean in the Recycle Stream”.  We cannot sell product to the marketplace that does not meet strict guidelines.  Rejected loads are very costly to the District.  Dirty recyclables end up in the trash.  So please help keep costs down and revenue flowing by RINSING AND SORTING AT HOME FIRST.

Please be aware, a large separation shift for plastics is taking place at the facility.  Beginning in early 2019, we will no longer be accepting #1 – #7 plastics all in one bin.  The ONLY plastic they will be processing for recycling is: #1’s and #2’s

#1 PETE – think bottles like water, juice and soda, or plastic jars like mayo, peanut butter, or spaghetti sauce –rinsed out and food residue removed.

NEVER anything made from black plastic.

#2 HDPE Natural – think CLEAR store brand jugs that contain milk, cider, orange juice and water – clear or “translucent” ONLY in this category – empty of all liquid.

#2 HDPE Colored – assorted colored bottles such as detergent, plastic coffee containers, etc.– rinsed and emptied.  NEVER anything made from black plastic.

All other plastic products belong in the trash.  

AS ALWAYS, containers that held automotive oil, automotive fluids, pesticides, chemicals, and Medical Waste SHOULD BE DISPOSED OF in the trash.  Bring needles “sharps” into the office.


Brochures available at the transfer station and your local town offices.


Why is recycling plastic so confusing