Metering Outside Water Usage

Sewer is billed four times a year.  Usage is currently calculated at 0.076 per cubic foot of water consumption, as provided by Pennichuck Water Works, plus an $8.00 administrative flat fee per dwelling unit.  Any questions regarding your water usage should be directed to Pennichuck at (800)553-5191.

Below is information regarding metering outside water usage.  The complete “Sanitary Sewer and Waste Water Treatment Facility Rules and Regulations and Conditions of Service” can be found under the “Documents” tab – “Ordinances, Policies & Regulations”.

“Sewer customers whose usage of water outside of residential and business properties has been metered, but not returned to the municipal sewer system, may install a separate meter to avoid sewer charges for such outside usage.

Sewer customers shall provide metering, at their own expense, of a type meeting all requirements of and approved by the Town of Pittsfield.  Such metering shall be maintained in proper working order and comply with the plumbing code adopted by the town.

The Sewer customer shall provide a clean, dry, warm, and accessible place for the inspection of the water meter.  The meter shall be as close to the outside faucet as possible.

All meters shall be fitted with a remote analog outside meter reading device and such device shall be readable from outside the building.”

Please contact the town’s Waste Water Treatment service provider, Utility Partners, at 435-8857 for any additional questions or concerns regarding outside metering.