Dogs Must Be Licensed By May 1, 2019

Dogs must be licensed by May 1st each year under State Law RSA 466:1

Fees : $9.00 for unaltered dogs

$6.50 for neutered/spayed dogs

$2.00 for 1st dog with an owner over 65

$20.00 for group license of five or more dogs

There are three ways to license your dog(s). For all cases we need record of the current rabies vaccination.

  • Come into the town hall and see the town clerk
  • Online through the town website: purple “dog licensing” icon under “E-Services”
  • By U.S. mail

In the event your dog has passed away or you no longer own your dog, please notify the town clerk by phone: 435-6773 ext 15 or by email:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.