Beautification Committee

85 Main Street
Pittsfield NH 03263


Ted Mitchell, Chairman
Tina Fife, Treasurer
Carol Lambert, Secretary
Gail Allard
Nancy Barto
Paula Beliveau
Jason Isabelle
Matt Niolet
Nick Penney
Carole Richardson
Pat Smith
Ryan Wood

The Beautification Committee is a volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining five area gardens and five large self-watering planters. It is also responsible for the care and placement of American Flags in the downtown area on all major holidays and town celebrations. The Pittsfield Beautification Committee meets on the first Monday of the month at 6.30 PM at the Town Hall. For information, contact Diana Levesque, 603-361-3903. The committee’s budget is funded by public donation and a local business sponsorship program.


Pittsfield Beautification Committee C/O Tina Fife, 1394 Upper City Rd. Pittsfield NH, 03263
Donation Boxes at: Bell Brothers, Clarks, Jack’s Pizza, Danis Market and Town Pizza. 

Beautification Committee Minutes

Beautification Committee Minutes May 6, 2019
Beautification Committee Minutes October 1, 2018
Beautification Committee Minutes July 9, 2018
Beautification Committee Minutes June 4, 2018
Beautification Committee Minutes May 7, 2018
Beautification Committee Minutes August 28, 2017
Beautification Committee Minutes August 8, 2017
Beautification Committee Minutes July 3, 2017
Beautification Committee Minutes May 5, 2017
Beautification Committee Minutes April 4, 2017
Beautification Minutes November 2016
Beautification Minutes October 2016
Beautification Minutes September 2016
Beautification Minutes August 2016
Beautification Minutes July 2016
Beautification Minutes June 2016
Beautification Minutes May 2016
Beautification Minutes April 2016

The Five Gardens and Their Sponsors

  1. Aranosian Lot located at the intersection of Catamount St. & Broadway Rd. and Sponsored by Exit Reward Realty
  2. Crescent Median Garden located at the intersection of Crescent St. & Lyford Hill Rd. and Sponsored by Globe Firefighter Suits
  3. Rite Aid Median Garden located at the intersection of Catamount St. & Carroll St and Sponsored by Barton Lumber
  4. Tilton Hill Median Garden located at the intersection of Tilton Hill Rd & Catamount St and Sponsored by Pittsfield Women of Rotary
  5. Washington House Lot located at the intersection of Main St. & Oak St. and Sponsored by  Pittsfield Rotary Club