You may have noticed in the past few weeks the start-up of several road construction projects around town. Both the State DOT and Town are beginning projects of road and sidewalk repair along with the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) project. Two of the companies contracted for this work are Continental Paving and FL Merrill Construction.  It is estimated that the start-up of the Safe Routes to School sidewalk work will begin after Monday, June 25th and the majority of the road work will take place after our Old Home Day on July 14th and before the Hot Air Balloon Rally weekend August 4th.  With the number of projects that have been lined up for this summer we do not have definite dates for this road work as there are several elements of the construction activity that hinge on one another for each location to coordinate amongst the contractors and utility companies, along with our New England weather. However, the roadwork that involves road/lane closures should be guided by visible traffic flaggers and we will also endeavor to keep the website updated if project changes occur.

The following roads are the areas that will be impacted (along with the project funding source):

MAIN STREET – paving from Water Street to Clark Street – (NHDOT)

MAIN STREET – sidewalk from Joy Street to #21 Main Street – (town)

GREEN STREET – sidewalk – (town)

CHESTNUT STREET – sidewalk from Green Street to Oak Street – (town)



CATAMOUNT ROAD – sidewalk from #64 to Oneida Street (SRTS)

TILTON HILL ROAD – sidewalk from #1 to #50 (SRTS)

TILTON HILL ROAD – road reclaim/paving from #1 to #261 (town)

ONEIDA STREET – sidewalk (SRTS) & road reclaim/paving from Catamount Road to the school (town)

MANCHESTER STREET – road reclaim/paving (town)

BERRY AVENUE – sidewalk (SRTS) & road reclaim/paving – from Tilton Hill Road to the school (town)

MAPLE STREET – road reclaim/paving (town)

BOW STREET – sidewalk & road reclaim/paving (town)