Eversource Warns Customers to Beware of Scams

“A common scam impacting New Hampshire energy customers – especially small businesses – involves a fraudster calling and stating that due to a customer’s “delinquent” account, a truck has been dispatched to disconnect their service unless a payment is made within a short time frame. Scammers usually demand immediate payment with a gift card or prepaid debit card, such as Green Dot MoneyPak, Vanilla or Reloadit purchased from a local retailer, in order to stop the disconnection of services. The scammers will provide the victim with a phone number to call back with their prepaid debit card information.”

” ‘The key to stopping these scammers is to stay calm – don’t panic and don’t pay,’ said Penni Conner, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Eversource. ‘Together with our fellow energy companies, retailers and local law enforcement, we’re urging any of our customers who receive a suspicious phone call or home visit to call us at 1-800-662-7764 to verify ANY request for payment or personal information.’ ”

To read the entire press release please click here: Eversource press release