Decal Plates Available at the Town Clerk’s Office

The DMV has implemented four decal license plate types:   Decal Passenger plate, Initial Decal Passenger Plate, Veteran Decal Plate and Initial Veteran Decal Plate.  Decal Plates are available for a $15 fee per year in addition to the town and state registration fees. Decal Vanity Plates are also available for an additional $40 vanity plate fee. An additional $8.00 plate manufacturing fee is only required in the first year of purchase. These fees do not included the decal. The actual decals that will be placed on the plates will NOT be issued at the DMV but at an approved 501(c) (3) authority. The fees for the decals are determined by the 501(c) (3) authority and may vary.  For more information please visit the DMV link:

Each decal  passenger plate have  5 characters with a leading “D” for decal plate.  Example: D1200

Each decal veteran plate will have 5 characters with an ending “V” for decal plate .Example: 5000V

Decals can only be placed on a Decal Plate.

 How to obtain a new Decal Plate.  Visit your town clerk’s office to process your registration and receive your plate, and month and year stickers. From there, you may go to your non-profit agency to obtain your decal.

Do you have an existing registration and now want to switch? You can go to a state DMV office and complete a midstream plate change. Cost will be $15 for a new registration, plus the $15 decal plate state fee, and a one-time fee of $8 for the new set of plates. Please bring your current valid registration.

Once you have registered your decal plate, renewals can be performed at the town hall.

The following organizations have been approved by the legislature during the 2017 legislative session:

Veteran Decal Plates:

Pursuant to RSA 261-C, the NH DMV is also issuing Veteran Decal Plates. Veteran Decal Plates can only be issued to a motor vehicle registered pursuant to RSA 261:87-b. Similar to the Decal Plate, a Veteran Decal Plate includes a 3”x 3” blank square on the left side of the plate however it contains distinguishing veteran design. Veteran Decals are NOT available at DMV locations, they have to be purchased from the NH Office of Veteran Services. For more information, please call (603) 624-9230, Ext. 301.

Decals available for Veterans only, pursuant to RSA 261-C:4(I) include the following:

  • United States Army
  • United States Navy
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Marine Corps
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Medal of Honor
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Navy Cross
  • Air Force Cross
  • Silver Star
  • Bronze Star