Nov 30 Second Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance

On November 2, the Pittsfield Planning Board had its first public hearing on the proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance, and the planning board would like to thank the people who attended the meeting. Unfortunately, the business of the night kept the public hearings on the zoning amendments from starting until 9:30 PM. We apologize to those people who attended the meeting but had to leave before the public hearings began. The planning board has scheduled a second public hearing for Thursday, November 30, at 7:00 PM at the town hall. To ensure that no delays happen on November 30, the board will schedule no other business for the November 30 meeting. The public hearing will start promptly at 7:00 PM. For the convenience of people who cannot attend the November 30 meeting, the planning board will accept written testimony and questions prior to the meeting. The planning board looks forward to our discussions regarding these issues. Full copies of the amendments can be found online or at the town hall.