Budget Committee

85 Main Street
Pittsfield NH 03263

Budget Committee Members

Robert Schiferle, Chair (2019)
Louis Houle, Vice Chair (2017)
Noreen Rollins, Secretary (2019)
Mark Riel (2017)
Helen Schiff (2017)
Gail Nickerson (2017)
Helen Schoppmeyer (2018)
Faith Whittier (2018)
Fred Hast (2018)
Mary Paradise (2018)
Jacob Kitson (2019)
Adam Gauthier (2019)
Gerard LeDuc, Select Board Rep. (2017)
Ralph O’Dell, School Board Rep. (2017)

Budget Committee Members are appointed by the Moderator for three year terms. The Board of Selectmen and School Board each appoint an ex officio member. If you are interested, please contact the Moderator.

Budget Committee Minutes