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Pittsfield Housing Standards Opening

Pittsfield Housing Standards has an opening for a member of their board. This member needs to be a landlord owning a residential rental property within the town of Pittsfield who is also a legal resident and a registered voter in the town of Pittsfield. If you have any questions, please call Kim at 435-6773 ext 21.

Friendly Reminder: Dogs Need To Be Registered By May 1st.

Dogs 4 months old or older must be licensed by May 1st each year under State Law RSA 466:1

Fees : $9.00 for unaltered dogs
$6.50 for neutered/spayed dogs
$2.00 for 1st dog with an owner over 65
$20.00 for group license of five or more dogs
There are three ways to license your dog(s). For all cases we need record of the current rabies vaccination.

  • Come into the town hall and see the town clerk
  • Online by clicking on the purple “dog licensing” icon
  • By U.S. mail

In the event your dog has passed away or you no longer own your dog, please notify the town clerk by phone: 435-6773 ext 15 or by email:
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Police investigation

The Pittsfield Police Department is aware of the situation involving social media posts that were made today about our school. We are actively investigating this incident and are working directly with the Pittsfield School Administration, the students parents and the Merrimack County Attorneys Office. The student will not be allowed back to school until we have completed our investigation and the school has conducted its own administrative process. We will also have an increased police presence at the school tomorrow as a precaution and to provide a safe environment for the students and staff while we continue the investigation.

Jeffrey M. Cain
Chief of Police

Pittsfield Panthers Win State Championship!

Congratulations to the Boys Varsity Basketball Team for winning the state championship. We thank you for an exciting and incredible season.

Police department public notice

The Pittsfield Police Department has reached a staffing level that will not allow us to continue 24/7 police coverage, so we have been working with numerous outside agencies to maintain the 24/7 coverage and safety in our community to the best of our ability. You may see some of these outside agencies helping in our town, covering open shifts on detail. We are working diligently on this situation and will do everything we can to provide continuity of police coverage for our community while we fill our vacancies and re-staff our department.


Jeffrey M. Cain
Chief of Police

Police Employment opportunities

The Pittsfield Police Department is currently accepting applications for Full and Part-Time Police Officer Positions. Applicants must be 20 years of age or older, possess a High School Diploma or GED Equivalent, and have a valid Drivers License. College degree or military experience preferred. Applicants will be required to pass a written exam, medical exam, physical fitness test, oral board, extensive background investigation, polygraph test, and psychological evaluation. Competitive salary and benefit packages. Applications can be obtained on-line at or at the police station. For further information or questions please contact Sgt. Joseph DiGeorge at 603-435-7535 Ext 12.

Employment Application

Pittsfield Police Department
59 Main St
Pittsfield, NH 03263

Police department phone lines

The Police Department has been notified that the phone system at our dispatch center, the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office, is having a system wide problem which has effected our local phone system.  If an officer or administrative assistant is in the office we will answer the phone.  If you receive no answer on the office line, 435-7535, this means there is no one in the office and the officers are out on the road.  If you receive no answer on the after-hours non-emergency line, 435-7211 (this goes straight to dispatch), please use 911, explain the phone system is down and ask to speak to an officer.  911 is a State system on a separate line and will work.  The Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office has advised they have Fairpoint, TDS and their IT department working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.  We apologize for any delay or inconvenience this has caused, we will update as soon as we are notified the problem as been fixed.

Chief Cain

B.C.E.P. Solid Waste Facility News

Effective January 1, 2018 B.C.E.P. Solid Waste will have new hours of operation:
Tuesday – Saturday 8:00AM – 4:00PM
Scales close at 3:45PM
Closed Sundays and Mondays
Effective March 15, 2018 B.C.E.P. will not accept brush or leaf & yard waste until further notice.
Why is recycling plastic so confusing

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